Secret of the Easy Yoke

Secret if the Easy Yoke

When I first heard this song, written by David Bazan of now split up band Pedro the Lion, I didn’t think much of the lyrics. The song’s sullen tone and simple instrumentation attracted it to me at first. After a couple of years of being in my song rotation, I listened to the lyrics more closely and became intrigued with the content of the song. Read on →

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Gone in Bloom & Bough

Gone in Bloom and Bough

“Gone in Bloom & Bough” is a song by the band Caspian from their newest album Waking Season. It is my favorite song on the album. It’s a song that takes its time.

It is in no rush at all. Read on →

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How I Made This Site

how I did it

When I set about making this site I had a design and functionality in mind for it. I had made a couple WordPress sites 2+ years ago but basically, had forgotten all I had learned. This post will round up all the techniques that I learned while making this site. So if you see anything in this site you want to copy, keep on reading! Read on →

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More Than Life

More than life

There is a song entitled “More Than Life” written and performed by the Australian artist Whitley. It is a simple, short song that seems to talk about the simple things experienced in a past relationship and how they change once they are over. It talks vaguely about healing and moving on to experience life.
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New Redesign

new site

If you haven’t noticed, I have redesigned my site. My last redesign was over 3 years ago and much has changed since then. Style trends, a change of purpose for my website, and the popularity of responsive design has inspired me to start fresh. Read on →

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