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If you haven’t noticed, I have redesigned my site. My last redesign was over 3 years ago and much has changed since then. Style trends, a change of purpose for my website, and the popularity of responsive design has inspired me to start fresh.

Style Trends

My last website looked like this.

Old site

This site definitely had it’s charm back in 2009 but one main style trend has been on the decline as of late.

Skeuomorphic Textures

Do you notice the slight paint texture in the button below? My site was littered with textures like that. Skeuomorphic design in general was very popular because it gave the user the sense that they were using something tangible. Apple’s iOS 6 and below is a good example of  skeuomorphic design. The infamous app “Find my Friends” app with it’s leather textures and threaded borders is infamous now.

Now users are more used to web interfaces and simple flat designs are now the trend. Google’s iOS apps are a great place to view the forefront in flat design.

I’m going to try to let the imagery of my work do most of the talking with this new redesign instead of paint-laced buttons.

Change of Website Purpose

My old website was used mainly to sell me and my skills. While I want this website to do that as well, I equally want it to act as a journal of my personal and professional thoughts. I already have posted one personal post and plan to post more of the like.

Because of this, I switched from using Drupal to WordPress. With WordPress being both an award-winning CMS and blogging system, it was a no-brainer to switch away from the more complicated Drupal CMS. I have built this theme mostly from scratch, starting off from the nude Starker’s Theme. I have thoroughly enjoyed customizing my site and exploring the WordPress codex.

Also, can you see in the original screenshot above how my old website was awkwardly written in the 3rd person. David will be ending that now.

Responsive Design

No one in the web-world can deny hearing this word thrown around like candy. I am a late-comer to using it. My first real project using it was earlier this year at my job at Shadow Mountain. They have an annual summer conference that get’s a lot of attendees. I thought it would be the perfect time to use responsive design with both new users and old users searching for information about the conference all using a variety of devices.

For my site I used the Skeleton Boilerplate, a very lightweight responsive framework. I increased it’s max-width to 1200px and extended the slideshow and main featured image to 1600px.

I had to delve into the WordPress codex to figure out to strip image tags of their width and height attributes which is a necessity in responsive design. I plan to cover that in a later post.

That’s It

I hope you understand the purpose of my redesign. I had a good time doing it and I hope you have a good time checking it out.

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