I created a series page for the latest series at Shadow Mountain entitled, “Questions People Are Asking” . Danielle Rogers created the original design of the series and I created the custom looking page for it. I love doing simple pages like these that take the normal design of the site and change it for the aesthetics of the subject matter. I think when the user recognizes that they are on the site but then see that all the elements have conformed to a new design, they get intrigued. I have done a couple of articles here on my site that have done that same thing.

The CSS for the project was compiled using Sass via command line. I used Neat on top of Bourbon as a base Sass framework. I added in Normalize and Typeplate to get things looking uniform.

For the hamburger menu, I used simple jQuery, Font Awesome, and Hammer.js to get everything working. jQuery got the initial behavior of the menu working, Font Awesome supplied the vector icons and Hammer.js allowed me to let the user swipe back to close the menu.

In the CMS we use, I created a base template that includes the menu and footer of this page. I then built any custom styles for this series page in a new, separate scss file. Now, if I need to create a new custom page, I can quickly reuse all of my work.

This was my first time using Neat. It was a pleasure, once I set up my initial variables to write in scss

.content {
   @include span-columns(8);
   @include shift(2);

And have it compile to

.content {
 float: left;
 display: block;
 margin-right: 2.35765%;
 width: 65.88078%;
 margin-left: 17.05961%;

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