the New Solstice

The New Solstice is the low-key band that my friend Andrew are a part of. We write instrumental rock music that fits into the genre called post-rock. I wanted to make a short and sweet website that showcased our music. You can check out the actual website here.

I made the website before I started designing responsively so there is actually two sites: and

I created this one first. Our music had always made me think of nature, open skies, color and beauty. I started designing the site with the idea that it would be all sky. I had one of my own sky photos and found a couple of other beautiful Creative Commons photographs on Flickr and was prepared to make a ridiculously tall skyscape. My wife had an idea that the sky could continue down to land then reverse as you navigate even further down.

I thought it was a great idea and I set out to designing it. The .psd for it became so big and multi-layered that it finally forced me to upgrade my 4-year-old Mac Mini a to a Windows machine.


I didn’t build the site on a CMS as I would be the only one doing the updating and, as you can see, the site really doesn’t have that much content. I made it for the purpose of showcasing our music and the visuals that inspires us.

I wanted to give our mobile users an easy, stripped down version that focused on the music alone. I used a redirect in the .htaccess file to direct mobile users to this site and HTML5 to showcase the music.


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